Yes, there are ample nations that are participating in the current Olympics. Plus, COVID is still there and each of the things has to be taken considering the COVID restrictions in place.

Still, there is room for the fans to visit the stadium and watch the matches and games live. However, the stadium won’t be able to accommodate the full capacity crowd and for that, you got to be on your toes in buying the tickets.

On top of that, China will be the host nation where almost all of the games will take place in Beijing.

Plus, the opening ceremony is planned to take place on February 4th, 2022 and it will be live in the evening. In other countries, you can watch the opening ceremony depending upon your timing.

Currently, there is ample information regarding the Winter Olympics 2022 event which you might need to know. Hence, right from every essential detail to different streaming channels in the official format, we have got each one for you.

Let’s go ahead and unveil every possible information regarding the Winter Olympics 2022 event.

EventWinter Olympics
Host CityBeijing, China
Dates4th to 20th February 2022
VenueBeijing National Stadium
Live StreamWatch Here

A Take on the Venues for the Winter Olympics 2022

Indeed, keeping such a big Olympics event into consideration, five of the ice events will be conducted at the Olympic Green, Capital Indoor Stadium along with the Beijing Wukesong sports center.

These were some of the important venues for the 2008 event and the same venue will be repeated for the 2022 Winter Olympics.Other than that, the Beijing National Stadium will host the opening along with closing ceremonies. At an existing, 80,000 people can be easily accommodated at the venue.

Plus, the Curling event will be held at the Beijing National Aquatics Center followed by Ice Hockey at the National Indoor stadium. Moving ahead, the Speed Skating event will take place at the National Speed Skating Oval stadium. Indeed, there are tons of more venues for the Winter Olympic games that can accommodate a good array of people. Hence, if you are someone who needs to watch any of the events, you must have prior information about each of the venues and games.

Check out full venues and stadium previews of Winter Olympic Games 2022 here.

Beijing Wukesong : Source : Wikipedia

Sports at the Winter Olympics 2022 Event

At the Winter Olympics 2022 event, there will be 109 events that will cover over 15 disciplines in seven sports. Yes, out of which, the most popular events are given as follows:

The biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. It is treated as a race, with contestants skiing through a cross-country trail whose distance is divided into shooting rounds. The shooting rounds are not timed per se, but depending on the competition, missed shots result in extra distance or time being added to the contestant’s total.

Skeleton racing involves plummeting head-first down a steep and treacherous ice track on a tiny sled. It is considered the world’s first sliding sport.

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Well, as Olympics fans, you can choose your favorite sports and then go ahead to watch that sports game either in an online or offline fashion.

Which are the countries participating at the Winter Olympics 2022?

For the current Olympics, there are ample nations participating. Giving you a brief idea, given below are the list of each nation:

  •         Albania
  •         Argentina
  •         Andorra
  •         Australia
  •         Belgium
  •         Azerbaijan
  •         Brazil
  •         Chile
  •         Canada
  •         China (Host)
  •         Columbia
  •         Czech Republic
  •         Ecuador
  •         Denmark
  •         Finland
  •         France
  •         Great Britain
  •         Greece
  •         Hong Kong
  •         Iceland
  •         Hungary
  •         Iran
  •         Japan
  •         Italy
  •         Latvia
  •         Mexico
  •         Malaysia
  •         Mongolia
  •         Pakistan
  •         Portugal
  •         Romania

Now, aside from the above nations’ committees, there are plenty of more who are participating at the current Olympics.

As far as the news for athletes goes, each of them are training really hard to compete at the mega stage.

Best Ways to Watch Winter Olympics 2022 Live Streaming using Official Channels

Wondering about different ways for watching the Winter games online, we have got you the better ones.

Hence, come along as we unveil each of the official channels, one by one.

Official Way to Watch XXIV Olympic Winter Games Live Stream

For each of the Olympic fans who are eager to watch the Winter games in a cord cutter way, the below option can be a fantastic one for each of them.


Yes, NBC is one of the biggest platforms in world entertainment where it has delivered each time. Here, you can simply make use of the NBC channel for watching each of the contents online.

They have got an exclusive contract for the Olympics which makes them one of the biggest contenders for showcasing the Olympic games.

Now, speaking about the Olympics, they will contain a total of 4,500 hours which all will be broadcasted via NBC.

Additionally, for the people who are worrying about the packages of NBC, the company hasn’t offered higher priced packages.

Here, you can find relaxation in packages and you have the power to choose your better ones.

Plus, in terms of the streaming quality from NBC, the same has been above par in most of the cases. This certainly gives you an edge to watch contents in much better quality.

Further, there are ample options that NBC offer in terms of devices. Here, you can get support for the NBC iOS app, Android App, Roku, and plenty of more devices.

Keeping the above things into consideration, you can simply choose a better streaming package, choose NBC and watch Winter Olympics Live Stream online, using the official channel.

BBC, Eurosport (United Kingdom)

Surfing through the other good ways to watch the Winter Olympics, BBC, Eurosport is a fantastic one. Yes, if you are someone who lives in the United Kingdom, then these two streaming services can be a better option for you.

Each of the above streaming services have been running for years and they come with some of the better features.

Additionally, both of them offer optimal streaming services where you must have a better speed internet for the same.

Lastly, you can simply browse through different plans and options offered by the above companies. Then, you can choose your preferred plan and watch the Olympics using BBC or even Eurosport services.

CBC, Bell Media (Canada)

Indeed, we have seen the Canadian fans who are eagerly waiting for the current Olympics to start. For them, the CBC along with Bell Media can be two great options. We have seen the package and pricing offered from them and each of the things are good. At a medium cost per package, you can choose the services and watch the Olympics online.

Additionally, the streaming quality from both the platforms is above par. Yes, once you have a stable internet, you will find no issues with the quality of streaming from them, in any case.

Likewise, you can either choose CBC or even Bell media for watching each of the Olympic games and other sports online

CCTV, Migu (China)

Likewise, for the people of China who have the will to watch the Winter games online, CCTV and Migu are two better options.

Each of the streaming services are running pretty strong and each of them have offered quality support, every time.

Plus, you can trust them for having better streaming quality and even the gadget support from them is above par.

Hence, from your end, you can take your time analyzing the two services. Once done, then you can effectively go ahead, opt for their services to watch the Winter Olympics 2022. 

Other Live Streaming Services that offer Official Channels

Going ahead to search for other live streaming platforms which can offer a stream of Winter Games, we have got you the brilliant ones.

Let’s go ahead and unveil each option, one by one.

  1. FuboTV

If there is one streaming service provider that delivers class services, it has to be the FuboTV platform.

Indeed, this is something amazing where you can grab their packages at the price of $65 for a month.

Additionally, at this pricing, you will get more than 120 channels ranging in different categories. With such things in place, you can explore different options and choose the better ones as per your liking.

Plus, the support for devices from the company like Fubo is above par too. In such a scenario, you can choose any of the devices, use them and watch content online.

Further, you can trust the quality of streaming from FuboTV in every case. Yes, they make use of some faster servers that compel the running of shows and events, without issues.

Lastly, FuboTV does offer the amazing 7-Days of the free testing offer. Using the free testing, you can easily test the services offered by FuboTV.

Once done with the testing, then you can make up your mind whether you like to go for their good services or not.

  1. Sling TV

Going ahead among the other streaming platforms which offer affordable services, Sling TV is a quality one. Browsing through different streaming service providers, Sling TV is one of the better and affordable ones.

Indeed, the Orange pack from Sling TV comes at just $35 for a month. This is one of the most affordable pricing from a good streaming platform.

Here, you won’t find any issues with the streaming of Sling TV as well. The company is known for offering good streaming even at such an affordable rate.

Additionally, the gadget support from Sling TV is another better thing. Yes, with such sort of support, you can trust their services, any point in time.

Further, for the people who want to test their services, you can grab the company’s 7-Day trial offer.

This is something you can effortlessly use to your advantage where you can test the company’s services.

After testing, you can make up your mind to choose their services and watch the Winter Olympics Live Stream online.

  1. Hulu TV

Moving ahead towards the third better and brilliant streaming service provider, Hulu TV is among the quality ones. Yes, it has always offered good services and when it comes to the pricing, the company has kept pricing, to the least extent.

Additionally, in terms of the quality of streaming offered by Hulu, it’s been better too. In such a scenario, you can see which are which are better options for you.

Then, you can choose those streaming packages and watch Winter Olympics Live Stream using the platform.

Also, the support for devices from Hulu is above par too. You can make use of the latest or older devices and watch content using Hulu, without any issues.

Lastly, you can choose from the company’s free trial and test their services in and out. After testing, you can make your mind to choose their services and watch the contents online.

  1. YouTube TV

Moving ahead towards another better streaming service platform, YouTube TV is something that’s above the rest. Yes, over the years, this platform has evolved and has delivered quality services, every time.

Browsing through the packages offered by YouTube TV, you can grab their packages at the price of $65 for a month.

Though you may feel that the pricing is a bit more, it isn’t as it offers a wide range of channels. Additionally, the overall streaming quality from the platform has been on the higher side as well.

In such a scenario, you can trust their services and start watching the Winter Olympics Live Stream using YouTube TV.

Further, as far as the quality goes, the platform is known to deliver good services, each time.

Still, the company doesn’t offer any free trial offer. With that, you can research on your own and then choose YouTube TV services.

How VPNs Helps You To Watch Winter Olympics in 2022?

VPNs are one of the best ways to watch Winter games 2022 live online from any Country with no official channel. Eg: If you live in a country with no streaming rights available, in this case, one can choose the best VPN (Express VPN Recommended) and select the Country with Official streams. Like NBC in the United States.

Final Word of Mouth

Going ahead at the ending phase, the best live streaming channels for watching Winter Olympics Live Stream are all given above.

From here, you can decide which of the above channels are better options for you. Additionally, we have added some of the most useful information regarding the Winter Olympics.

With that, you will get much-added information about the current Winter Olympics. Keeping those things into consideration, you can effortlessly choose any of the good streaming options and watch Winter Olympics Live Stream online, the better way.